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Our Design


- Design Research

- Inspiration Boards

- Concept Generation

- Usage Scenario Sketching

- CAS Modeling

- Clay Model / Prototype 

- Execution Control


- Brand study

- Persona Mapping

- Inspiration Boards

- Brand identity creation

- Concept Generation

- Concept Detailing

- Artwork Drawings

- Execution Support


- Principles of Design

- Automotive Basics

- Automotive Interiors

- Product Design Basics

- CMF Design

- Creative Thinking

- Lateral Thinking

With ample research findings we enter the process of generating ideas for an optimum solution to the design problem. We use the tools of design conceptualization like idea brainstorming, mind mapping, framework design, idea sketching.


Conceptualization as practiced:

Idea Generation Plethora of idea sketch doodles are created  for further concept direction selection

Concept Generation Selected idea directions are evaluated with design constraints & concepts are prepared.

Concept Refinement

Selected concepts are refined further with basic feasibility checks & component level detailing adapting to the overall theme is prepared



There are three responses to a piece of design,

Yes, No & Wow !  Wow is the one we aim for.

With final concepts in place, the concept visualization is done in 2D/3D to get a good feel of the design in its true form. User case scenario sketches  are also created to let clients visualize the product in use better.

Visualization as practiced:

2D Concept Design


Photorealistic 2D renders of the concept are created for


2D Usage Scenario Sketches

Product in usage scenario is sketched to demonstrate the functioning aptly

3D Concept Model Realistic


Realistic 3D renders over mock

CAD for quality visualization



Good design is a lot like clear thinking

made visual

To help realise the potential concepts,we create manufacturing CAD & support drawings under our supervision & control. We lay great emphasis in ensuring proper capturing of design intent onto engineering CAD, ease of tooling and material optimization.

CAD & Drawings as practiced:

Surface model CAS

Surface model is developed as per the design intent & checked with packing constraints.

Engineering CAD

Component engineering CAD satisfying all manufacturing & tool constraints is prepared.

Tooling Drawings

Drawings are released to manufacturing houses for part tooling and machining.


CAD & Dwg

The difference between something good &

something great is attention to detail

To ensure proper execution of physical translation of our design concept , we render supervision support for model control. We monitor the stages of proto execution with feedbacks and checks as and when necessary.

CMF Checks

Color, material and finishes are controlled by our design team for proto and final product

Form Checks

At various stages of proto making we check the physical output with our design CAD ensuring proper intent translation

Model Control as practiced:

Proto Testing

We help test the prototype with users checking ergonomics and

ease of use etc.



Quality is everyone's responsibility

We love sharing our industry design expertise with design students and design aspirants to equip them better in their own design journey. We conduct subject specific sessions, interactive workshops on various design domains &  processes in design colleges & secondary schools.

Workshops as practiced:

One Week Sessions

Interactive week long classes are being conducted to introduce  & engage students in various design disciplines and processes.

Weekend Workshops

Short span awareness workshops are conducted to provide design exposure to participants

Portfolio Reviews

To help design students prepare

better for industry. Work portfolio reviews are conducted with industry specific feedbacks & suggestions



Design is a journey, not a destination

Ways in which we can engage....

            C O L L A B O R A T E

We engage on projects by actively collaborating with client's inhouse development team & infrastructure

to deliver cohesive pruned output.

                 C O N S U L T

Rendering our Design services as a

consulting agency, we provide right

solutions in concept Design,varified

manufacturing CAD and prototype control support

T U R N - K E Y


We take full charge of the project including design development,the

proto execution and final physical proto/product handover to client.

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